Hubsan ZINO Mini PRO SE 249g GPS Drone

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Cheap Camera Drones, Buy Quality Consumer Electronics Directly from China Suppliers:Hubsan ZINO Mini PRO SE 249g GPS Drone with 4K Camera 3 Axis Gimbal Quadcopter 45mins 10KM Obstacle Avoidance Professional Dron
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Some functions of Zino mini pro have not been updated at present. The exact update time is subject to published on Hubsan official website. Please know it.

1.First 10 options are ZINO MINI PRO version,The verson has Obstacle Avoidance function !!! . Last 11 options are ZINO MINI SE version ,The verson doesn’t have Obstacle Avoidance function. Please check it carefully before you order.
2.ZINO MINI PRO version is Built-in eMMC 64G/128G,and its flight time is 40 minutes; ZINO MINI SE version supports MicroSD Card, U3 or Class10 above 16G/32G/64G/128G,its flingt time is 45 minutes.

Note About EU countries :

We will send goods from China to EU countries by the tax-included shipping method (DDP) , so the customers of EU countries do not need worry about VAT and Import tariff,we will handle it. But some islands and remote areas will not be shipped, please know that. And if you have any questions, please consult us!


Expand:202.54*161.2* 61.6mm
Folding:137* 88*61.6mm
Folding(including blades):137*94* 61.6mm
Diagonal wheelbase:220mm
Maximum current:16A
Take off weight:249grams(China,Europe,America,Japan),199grams(Japan)
Hover accuracy
0.1 m (When the visual positioning is working normally)
0.5 m (When GPS is working normally)
0.3 m (When the visual positioning is working normally)
1.5 m (When GPS is working normally)
Maximum ascending velocity: 3m/s(N) 4m/s(S) 2m/s(F)
Maximum descending velocity: 3m/s(N) 3.5m/s(S) 1.5 m/s (F)
Maximum horizontal flight speed:
10m/s (N, No wind at sea level)
16m/s (S, No wind at sea level)
Maximum take-off altitude:4000 meters
Maximum anti-wind capability: Grade 5 wind (8.5~ 10.5m/s)
Maximum tilt angle:40° (S) 25° (N) 15° (F)
Satellite navigation system:GPS/GLONASS
Duration of flight:40 minutes (Measured under normal temperature and no wind conditions, at a flight speed of 25km/h)

Model:Folding propeller diameter 125.6mm
Digital ESC: Brushless 20Ax4
Category:Li-ion battery
Nominal voltage:3.6×2=7.2V
Charging voltage limitation:8.4V
Discharge limitation:8C
Charging time:90 minutes
Battery weight:101.84g
Working temperature:0°C~50°C
Charging environment temperature:0°C~40°C
Smart battery balance:Support
Voltameter management:Support
Automatic discharge protection:Support

CMOS Ilmage sensor:
1/1.3 inch CMOS sensor
2.4um mixed large pixel
Lens specifications:
FOV 84°
Aperture f/1.85
Focus point 0.5m to infinity
Distortion <1.5%
Maximum video encoding capacity:4K@30fps
Video resolution
4K:3840X 2160@30fps
2.7K:2720 X 1530@30/60fps
FHD:1920X 1080@30/60fps
Shutter speed:3-1/8000s
Video bitrate:100Mbps -200Mbps
Photo format:JPEG
Video format:MP4 (H.265/HEVC)
Firmware upgrade:App online upgrade
Support memory card type:Built-in eMMC 64G/128G

Wireless transmission solution:SyncLeas 3
Effective range
CE:6km; SRRC: 6km
Average bitrate:20Mbps
Transmission delay:Within 200ms
Antenna:Built-in dual antenna
Default remote:HT018Y
Gimbal model:HY817D
Degree of freedom:Triaxial
Maximum pitch Speed:120°/s
Rotation range:

Flight controller version:Third-generation flight controller
Basic flight mode:Sports mode/Normal mode/Movie mode
Altitude hold:Tof, barometer
Fixed-point function:Vision optical flow, GPS
Unlock/lock:Outer- eight unlock/lock
One-click take-off/landing:APP support, remote control does not support
Out of control protection:Support
Low battery return:Support
Home recognition(Search the drone apron):Support
Vision tracking:Third-generation tracking technology (ATVT3.0)
Waypoint flight:Support
Flying around:Support
Ray flight:Support
Time-lapse photography:TBD
Motor stall protection:Support
Firmware upgrade:App online upgrade

Binocular visual perception, precise measurement
distance <12 metersFluctuation <0.5m,
perception distance> 15m
Binocular visual perception, precise measurement
distance <12 metersFluctuation <0.5m,
perception distance> 15m
Monocular optical flow, Tof ranging
Effective ranging range 0.3m-5m,
fluctuation <0.1m

Display:Highlight LED display
Working temperature:-10°-60°
Effective range
Built-in battery:3350mAh
Supportable mobile system:Android, ios
Continuous working time:2.5h (Normal flight time)
Supportable interface type:Lighting, MicroUSB, USB-USB-typeC
Mobile device requirements:
I0S 10.0 or higher
Android 6.0 or higher


Aircraft Dimensions
Expand: 202.54×161.2×61.6mm
Folded: 137x88x61.6mm
Folded with Propeller: 137x94x61.6mm
Diagonal Wheelbase:220mm

Takeoff Weight (with battery)
Standard: 249g (China,Europe and America), 199g (Japan)
Hover Accuracy
Vertical: ± 0.1m (when the visual positioning is working normally)
± 0.5m (when GPS is working normally)
Horizonta: ± 0.3m (when the visual positioning is working normally)
± 1.5m (when GPS is working normally)
Max Ascension Speed:3m/s (N), 4m/s (S), 2m/s (F)
Max Descent Speed:3m/s (N), 3.5m/s (S), 1.5m/s (F)
Maximum Horizontal Flying Speed (Windless at Sea Level)
10m/s (N)
16m/s (S)
Maximum Take-off Altitude:4000m
Max Wind Speed ResistanceZ:5-level (8.5-10.5m/s)
Max Tilt Angle:40°(S), 25°(N), 15°(F)
Positioning:GPS + GLONASS
Max Flying Time:45 minutes (measured while flying at 25km/h in windless conditions)
Power System:Maximum Working Current 16A

Model: Foldable & Diameter 125.6mm
Color: Black
Motor:Outward Rotation Brushless Motor: 1503, KV2820
ESC:Digital ESC Brushless 20A x 4

CMOS Image Sensor:
1/2.6inch CMOS Sensor
12 million Effective Pixels
Lens Specifications
FOV 80°
Aperture f/2.2
EFL: 3.5mm
Focus Point: 0.5m to ∞
Distortion: <1.5%
Maximum Photo Size
4000 x 3000
4000 x 2250
Maximum Video Encoding:4K@30fps
Video Resolution:
4K: 3840 x 2160 @ 30fps
2.7K: 2720 x 1530 @ 30/60fps
FHD: 1920 x 1080 @ 30/60fps
Electronic Shutter Speed:3-1/8000s
Video Bitrate:64Mbps-100Mbps
Photo Format:JPEG
Video Format:MP4 (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC)
Firmware Upgrade:SD card or APP Online Upgrade
Supported SD Cards:MicroSD Card, U3 or Class10 above 16G/32G/64G/128G

Wireless Transmission System
Image Transmission System:SyncLeas 2
Effective Range
Average Bitrate:2 Mbps
Transmission Delay:Within 200ms
Antenna:Built-in Dual Antenna
Remote Control:HT018Y

Stabilization:3-Axis (tilt, roll, pan)
Degree of Freedom:Triaxial
Max Pitch Speed:120°/s
Mechanical Range
Pitch: -120° to 45°
Roll: ± 35°
Yaw: ± 35°

Flight Controller
FC Version:Third-generation Flight Controller
Basic Flight Mode:Sports Mode / Normal Mode / Movie Mode
Altitude Hold Mode:Tof, Barometer
Fixed-point:Visual Optical Flow, GPS
Unlock/Lock:Outer “Eight” Unlock/Lock
One Key Take-off/Landing:APP Supported,Remote Control Unsupported
Headless Mode:√
Out of Control Protection:√
Low Battery Return:√
Home Visual Recognition(search for drone apron):√
Visual Tracking:Third-generation Tracking Technology (ATVT 3.0)
Waypoint Flight:√
Flying Around:√
Ray Flight:√
Time-lapse Photography:TBD
Motor Stall Protection:√
Firmware Upgrade:APP Online Upgrade

Sensing System
Forward:Binocular Visual Perception,Precision Measurement Distance <12M
Fluctuate <0.5M, Perception Distance >15M

Remote Control
Display:Highlight LED Display
Operating Environment Temperature:-10 Deg.C- 60 Deg.C
Effective Range
Built-In Battery:3350mAh
Mode:Mode 2 (Left Hand Throttle)
Support Mobile System:Android, iOS
Working Time:2.5h (Normal Flight Time)
Interfaces Type:Lighting / Micro USB / Type-C

Battery Type:Li-ion Battery
Capacity:3000 mAh
Standard Voltage:3.6×2=7.2V
Charging Limit Voltage:8.4V
Discharge Rate:8C
Charging Time:90 minutes
Working Environment Temperature:0 Deg.C- 50 Deg.C
Charging Environment Temperature:0 Deg.C- 40 Deg.C
Smart Battery Balance:√
Intelligent Power Management:√
Automatic Discharge Protection:√

APP Name:X-Hubsan 2
Mobile Device Requirements:iOS 10.0 or higher:Android 6.0 Or higher


The world’s first drone with obstable avoidance under 250g

Outstanding advantages

With a 1/1.3CMOS,support 1080P 30fps video,weight 249g,maxflight time 40minutes,10km range,3 direction obstacle avoidance

Imaging Quality

1/1.3 inch CMOS sensor
support 4K/30fps
up to 200Mbps video bitrate
f/1.85 super large aperture and 2.4μm super large pixel
built-in memory (64G/128G)
Enjoy sharing video online easily

Night Mode

A deep algorithm of image denoising optimizes your low-light shots

Imaging Quality

With a 1/1.3 inch CMOS sensor support smooth 4K/30fps video
H.265/HEVC 200Mbps,built-in eMMC(64G/128G)
enable you to share your video to media easily

Capture higher dynamic range and colors,optimizing your low-light shots.

Obstacle avoidance

Three direction obstacle avoidance

The world’s first drone with vision obstacle avoidance under 250g with advanced 3D space perception algorithms enable the camera to capture more than 600K space feature points with depth extraction and calculation reaching 15 meters of cognitive distance.

Optical-flow night light and Al tracking Mode

Optical-flow night light ensures your hovering performance in low-light circumstances.
ZINO MINI PRO applying our newest Al tracking algorithms(ATVT3.0)with a huge improvement in tracking latency and tracking accuracy can locate the figure and animals or moving vehicles easily and automatically.

Intelligent Batteries

Accuracy and safety
Equipped with intelligent battery management unit to caculate power accurately
Built-in safety protection circuit combined with precise power protection strategy and on-off control algorithm to make drone flight high safety

Intelligent Battery Manager
It can accommodate four batteries in sequence, and can also be used as a mobile power source to charge devices such as remote controls or cell phones.

Flight Time
Max Flight Time 40 mins (measured while flying at 6 m/s in windless conditions)
Max Flight Time 37mins hovering time in windless environment

Video Transmission

10KM 1080P/30fps 20Mbps

Hubsan Syncleas.3.0
1080P/30fps 20Mbps 10KM

6X hybrid zoom

Portable & Legal

With only 249g no resgistration requeired

Build-in eMMC(64G/128G)
Build-in eMMC(64G/128G)enable you to share your video to media easily




Play with all your heart,everyone can fly it

Outstanding advantages

With a 1/2.6 CMOS 12M,1080P 30fps Video Transmission and Weights 249g,Max flight time 45 minutes,6km range,ATVT 3.0 Al Tracking

Imaging Quality

With a 1/2.6 inch CMOS sensor,Zino Mini support smooth 4K/30fps video with H.264 100Mbps and 12M photos

Night Mode

A deep algorithm of image denoising optimizes your low-light shots

Imaging Quality

With a 1/2.6 inch CMOS sensor,Zino Mini support smooth 4K/30fps video with H.264 100Mbps and 12M photos

Innovative Technology

Optical-flow night light
Optical-flow night light ensures your hovering performance in low-light circumstances

AI tracking Mode
Zino mini SE applying our newest AI tracking algorithms (ATVT 3.0) with a huge improvement in tracking latency and tracking accuracy

Intelligent Batteries

Accuracy and safe
Buit-in intelligent battery management unit with capacity accuracy statistical and on-off control algorithms ensures your flight is safe.

Flight Time
Max Flight Time 45 mins (measured while flying at 6 m/s in windless conditions)
Max Flight Time 43 mins hovering time in windless environment


6KM 1080P/30fps 2Mbps

Hubsan Syncleas2.0
1080P/30fps 2Mbps 6 KM


3 X zoom digital

Additional information


PRO 64G 1Battery, PRO 64G 1B Bag, PRO 64G 2B Bag, PRO 64G 3B Bag, PRO 64G 4B Bag, PRO 128G 1Battery, PRO 128G 1B Bag, PRO 128G 2B Bag, PRO 128G 3B Bag, PRO 128G 4B Bag, SE 1B Foam Box, SE 1B Bag, SE 2B Bag, SE 3B Bag, SE 4B Bag, SE 2B Bag 64G, SE 3B Bag 64G, SE 4B Bag 64G, SE 2B Bag 64G Pad, SE 3B Bag 64G Pad, SE 4B Bag 64G Pad

Ships From

China, Russian Federation, SPAIN, France

43 reviews for Hubsan ZINO Mini PRO SE 249g GPS Drone

  1. A***s BR

    Problemas resolvido vendedor parcial sempre na comunicação tentando resolver da melhor forma possível ficou esclarecido continuarei comprando com ele devido a confiança que me passou parabens..
    Problems solved partial seller always in communication trying to solve the best way possible it was clarified I will continue to buy with him due to the trust he gave me congratulations

  2. A***e BR

    Recebi muito bem embalado e conforme o pedido

  3. A***s BR

    Daí Você Você pega sua Grana que você tem guardado para investir em alguma importação para você contente compra 5 Drones hubsan zino para revender, acerta tudo bonitinho com o vendedor que será pra revenda pede que seja enviado na CAIXA ORIGINAL LACRADO DA HUBSAN ZINO, E O QUE CHEGA EM SUA CASA SÃO ESSAS CAIXA DE ISOPOR quem vai acreditar que esses aparelhos são zero novo e que nunca foi usado? abrir disputa e ainda perdi estou agora com 5 drone na mão que ninguém quer comprar nem pelo preço que comorei.
    Then You Take Your Money You Have Saved To Invest In Some Import For You Happy Buy 5 Hubsan Zino Drones To Resell, Make Everything Nice With The Seller That Will Be For Resale Asks It To Be Sent In The ORIGINAL SEALED HUBSAN ZINO BOX, AND THE WHAT ARRIVES AT YOUR HOME ARE THESE Styrofoam BOX who will believe that these appliances are brand new and have never been used? open a dispute and I still lost I now have 5 drones in my hand that no one wants to buy even for the price I eat

  4. A***s BR

    Este produto que vem com a Bag não chega na sua embalagem original de fabrica onde dificulta a sua identificação se é ou não um produto recuperado não gostei irei fazer a devolução o pior que comprei 3 então são 3 problemas

  5. J***a CA

  6. BR

    excelente drone. muito leve e acabamento perfeito. consigo ótimas imagens. não fui taxado. empresa seria e responsável. sempre que tive dúvidas eles me responderam de forma rápida . recomendo e comprarei novamente. /
    excellent drone. very light and perfect finish. I get great pictures. I was not taxed. company would be and responsible. whenever I had questions they responded quickly. I recommend and will buy again. /

  7. R***i BR

    conforme anunciado. Vendedor muito rápido. chegou muito bem embalado. Ligando oke já atualizei. ainda não fiz um voo. recomendo a loja.

  8. N***i BR

    O produto chegou bem embalado, em plástico bolha e na caixa original, que não estava lacrada. Levemente amassada nas pontas. Comprei com duas baterias, porém a caixa veio com apenas uma e a a outra já foi enviada separada. Isso não foi informado pelo vendedor. O aparelho parece em perfeitas condições.

  9. Y***o RU

    Работу еше не проверял. Упаковка нормальная, но угол коробки побит. Внешне не пострадал. Доставка очень медленная 3 месяца(2 батареи).

  10. T***o BR

    chegou tudo certinho e muito não testei ainda.

  11. R***a BR

  12. R***O BR

    Produto bem embalado e chegou muito rápido. Não fui taxado. Quanto a descrição do produto achei negativa pois fala no anúncio que é possível tirar fotos no formato 4000×3000 e o drone não tem essa opção, o quebrar crucial para meu trabalho.

  13. A***s BR

    produto sensacional sem palavras, drone muito top boa qualidade veio bem rápido gostei muito, compraria outro sem duvidas

  14. E***o RU

    Доставка долгая из-за аккумуляторов, их нельзя отправлять самолётом, учтите. Пришло всё как в описании. Коробка идёт от комплекта с 4 аккумами, но из нее вытащили два, потому что готовых комплектаций с двумя не бывает. К сожалению один аккум не пережил поездку. Связался с продавцом, тот попросил скинуть видео. После подтверждения предложили выслать ещё одну батарею в замен нерабочей.

  15. BY

    Квадрокоптер Hubsan ZINO Mini PRO нереально крутой. С настройкой датчиков только повозился. Максимум что из него получилось выжать это дальность 8 км, на полеты хватило 36 минут. Я считаю это шикарные показатели. Обязательно заказывайте дополнительные лопасти, вот ссылка, в ссылке после точки alii. уберите пробел, ссылка: —> alii. pub/67msk9 <---. Т.к заказал базовую версию, пришлось еще и аккум дополнительный заказывать, в ссылке после точки alii. уберите пробел, ссылка: ---> alii. pub/67msm7 <---. Кстати кому датчики не нужны рекомендую заказывать версию Mini SE, прилично так дешевле выходит, в ссылке после точки alii. уберите пробел, ссылка: ---> alii. pub/63tquc <---. Все ссылки рабочие, просто ссылки без пробела не вставляются в отзыв. Продавца рекомендую, отвечает на все вопросы. Hubsan молодцы!

  16. J***i BR

    Chegou em 21 dias em Sorocaba/SP. Equipamento muito bom, vôo tranquilo e manobras seguras, valeu cada centavo!

  17. J***s US

    Produto top, chegou bem embalado, com todos os acessórios e antes do prazo, mas demorou muito dentro do Brasil (correios). Vendedor top e super atencioso. Não fui taxado, comprei a versão com 2 baterias.

  18. T***o BR

    Excellent product but didn’t came with the USB charger as the photo.

  19. D***a BR

    gostei do drone mais demorou para fazer o envio pois vendeu sem ter em estoque

  20. B***r BR

    ótimo vendedor,, postagem e entregar do produto muito rápida,, chegou perfeitamente como o prometido,, já testei e tá tudo ok com o produto! deixo aqui os meu Parabens !!!;

  21. R***a BR

  22. C***z UY

    Chegou rápido e sem taxa Review no canal drone importados inscreva-se lá

  23. A***a RU

    всё, отлично. Только очень долгая доставка 50 дней. Одна лопасть была загнута, но это не страшно т.к. есть запасные

  24. O***n RU

    Коптер пришел в Беларусь примерно за месяц. Летает хорошо, снимает сносно, думал будет лучше, но для первого коптера для меня ничего. Один аккумулятор из комплекта был не рабочий, после общения с продавцом договорились, что вышлет новый.

  25. A***y RU

  26. A***l BR

    veio muito rapido..vendedor file..sem taxa

  27. M***a BR

    O melhor vendedor 100% . Recomendo 1000% , chegou tudo certinho em 22 dias e não foi taxado !!! Podem comprar sem medo !!!

  28. T***u VN

  29. S***a US

    um drone magnífico e que RECOMENDO A COMPRA COM EMPENHO….MUITO FELIZ…..EXCELENTE QUALIDADE DE IMAGEM…. foram 30 dias até chegar em minha casa no sul do país, ah! importantíssimo…NÃO FUI TAXADO KKK ufa! o vendedor colocou conforme eu pedi…chegou tudo bem embalado, já voei com ele e até o momento, testado e aprovado. SIM, EU COMPRARIA DENOVO!

  30. L***a BR

    Top recebido conforme no anuncio testado tudo ok muito bom recomendo

  31. V***v RU

    коробка была сильно помята,в том месте,где лежал сам дрон. Работоспособность не проверяли пока… холодно

  32. H***k KR

    It is very good. Fast delivery and good packing with form box and well operating drone. I made pictures the Zino Mini Pro with DJI MAVIC mini for comparison.

  33. E***o BR

    muito bom. esquenta muito, mas uso um ventilador para baixar os vídeos.

  34. J***z ES

    El dron llegó muy bien embalado. Falla en el vuelo inicial, con el mensaje USB desconectado, congela la imagen y se apaga la conexión. Falla el cable OTG que va del mando al iPhoneX. Vendedor muy reservado y con respuestas inexactas del ordenador. A la espera de la reclamación al Vendedor. Tiene buenos precios, confiable en las entregas. Vendedor honrado y de fiar. Recomiendo.

  35. W***a BR

    top show demais recomendo a todos super 10 ótimo acabamento kit combo completo Hubsan saindo na frente já tive o zino top também agora Mini pro escipcional comprem

  36. G***v RU

    Заказ сделал 12 октября. Посылку получил на почте в Нижнем Новгороде уже 26 октября. Трек полностью отслеживался. Таможенный платеж составил 2451 рубль на сайте Почта России. Посылка упакована очень хорошо. Сама коробка была запечатана как в магазине. Дрон полностью в рабочем состоянии. Уже летал, вот только осенняя погода не позволяет это делать часто. В дрон нельзя вставить карту памяти, хотя слот под нее присутствует. Поэтому перед покупкой подумайте, какой объем встроенной памяти вам необходим. Отснятые видео в хорошем качестве имеют большой объем. Продавца, как и товар рекомендую к покупке!

  37. W***v RU

    Заказал 3го октября, получил 28го октября. Трек отслеживался. Пришлось заплатить таможенный сбор 2800р. Упакован хорошо. Доехал без повреждений живой и здоровый. Спасибо 5 STAR Thank you 🙂

  38. B***r BR

  39. R***z UY

    Excelente vendedor e ótimo produto.

  40. W***t TH

    The product arrived today. I’m very happy. It’s a great drone.

  41. S***v RU

    Получил. Плюс Таможня. Не понравилось, как пишет видео. Вернул назад.

  42. BR

    O produto é de muito bom! Vendedor foi muito atencioso por atender ao meu pedido e postar de maneira bem rápida. Produto chegou no Brasil em tempo record.

  43. R***s BR

    o produto chegou em perfeito estado uma pena que não veio na caixa dele veio num esopor com o bag

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